Dreamhost Coupons 2018

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Dreamhost Coupon 2018

Dreamhost is a top provider of web hosting service, offering a number of excellent pricing deals, a money back guarantee of 100 days, and 100% uptime. Known as one of the best web hosts in the business, Dreamhost provides excellent customer service, great pricing and features, and plenty of solutions for new and old clients alike.

Dreamhost Company History

Founded in 1996, Dreamhost was created by students in California, quickly becoming one of the best services in the area. Growing quickly, they developed a company that hosted more than 400,000 users. They have won a number of awards in their years of providing hosting service, including one from PCMag for best web host 2 years in a row.


Uptime for Dreamhost averages 99.98% on a typical high load day, with 100% uptime being more the usual uptime rating. Their starting price is $8 per month, which is quite low for the amount of features you get with the service. Offering page load times that are 21% faster than other hosts, as well as unlimited bandwidth, free days for downtime, and knowledgable, friendly customer service, the host is one of the most capable in the business. They also give users carbon-neutral hosting service, a 2 week free trial, and Linux platform hosting for those seeking a speedy, reliable experience.


Dreamhost pricing plans start at $8 per month and scale up from there, with $12 being the middle range cost and the high end plan going for $15 per month. Each package offers more capacity and scalability, allowing you to grow your business or personal blog as your web traffic also increases.


Using Dreamhost coupon codes through various providers on the web, or through special links, you can save 50% or more on deals through the company. Another coupon will allow you to get your first month of service at a premium, costing less than 1 cent per month.

Additional Features

With their managed WordPress hosting, Dreamhost provides more than 30GB of SSD storage, PHP support, HHVM and OPcache, and an automatic WordPress install and setup. With a dedicated service, you’ll receive a terabyte of storage, web based control of your servicer, unlimited bandwidth, and 16GB of RAM for your server.

Moneyback Guarantee

One of the chief offerings of Dreamhost’s service is their 97 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your service, all you need to do is quickly request a refund and the company will let you have your whole purchase fee refunded, no questions asked.

Customer Service

Dreamhost is known for providing round the clock, top end service to clients and customers. With staff who are knowledgeable, technically capable, and extremely friendly, they rank consistently high in terms of customer service. Users of Dreamhost say they love how easy it is to get a solution to any problem you might have. They’ll spend as much time as you need to ensure that any technical difficulties are solved in a very short period of time.

Green Hosting

Dreamhost considers itself a green hosting service as they offer carbon neutral hosting — having been certified by the US Green Chamber in 2007. This means that any hosting services you receive will benefit the environment and be potentially available for tax credits using green energy offerings.

State of the Art Technology

Dreamhost partners with a number of other tech companies such as Ceph, Amazon, and more. Using technology known as DreamObjects, they allow companies and clients to use cloud storage at lower costs than ever. DreamObjects works with openstack APIs, Amazon S3, and more. This means that users can quickly migrate content, get optimal performance and value, and not have to be locked in to contract.s Signing up for a 30 day trial, you will instantly receive a 100GB transfer for free.

DreamObjects is also a great platform for web designers, small and large businesses, developers, and individual bloggers and site owners. You’ll gain access to mobile and web storage APIs, Cyberduck, CloudBerry, and ExpanDrive. Each of these services allows you to host web application files, videos, images, and more — and quickly serve them to individuals viewing your pages. Site owner are able to use plugins and automated scripts to create backups, as well as gain access to top level security protocols. In fact, Dreamhost is continually rated one of the best web hosts for security and privacy, offering some of the most reliable and safe features available.

User Feedback

Users of Dreamhost often leave very high recommendations and reviews for the service. One user said she was able to take her business to the next level through this company, using their special state of the art S3 hosting — as well as their great uptime and reliability. Her previous web host and gone down regularly, leaving her customers without any means of gaining access to her site (which was her primary source of income). After switching to Dreamhost, she didn’t have to worry about this problem anymore.

Another user said he loved Dreamhosts’s view on transparency, support, and customer service. Instead of dealing with customer service reps who weren’t able to help or just didn’t seem to care enough, he was always able to receive a reply to any questions or problems he had. For this reason, he recommends Dreamhost as one of the best companies in the business, giving not only great technical service, but also making each customer feel valued and cared for.

Webmasters Rank Dreamhost #1

Many webmasters continually state that Dreamhost is one of the best companies available. Hosting more than a half million domains, this company was created by computer science majors in California — and for this reason, it’s not just backed by good tech. It also provides top level support and service, making it hugely popular among those who are the top in the business.


Dreamhost is known throughout the world as a great provider of affordable, powerful web hosting that ensures your customers always see the content they need. Serving platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, the company gives you excellent caching, API support, privacy, security, and customer service. When signing up for Dreamhost, you’ll gain access to their 97 day money back guarantee, making your trial period essentially risk-free.